Close your eyes ...

and imagine yourself on board a sailing yacht , caressed by the sun and cradled by the waves ,WITH TARANTOVELA YOU CAN !!!

Associated with us and book the best holiday you will be free to design your dream aboard our boats


Associated and you can have assistance on buying or technical assistance on maintenance and on-board systems and more


Want to learn to go to sea responsibly? TARANTOVELA WITH YOU !! it is a preparation in view of buying a boat of your own or if you simply would like to learn to sail, associated you can subscribe to one of our many sailing courses during which you will learn to moor a boat, tie knots sailors more important for navigation, brief explanation of maintenance, engine performance and electronic equipment (GPS, autopilot, depth sounder, wind etc ..)



Copied from the page facebook taranto some of our members reviews sailing:

ANTONIO V. SAYS: Great Service From the welcome to eat. Navigation worthy of a great skipper as our friend Danilo. To repeat, total relaxation and contributions truly affordable for everyone.


LUANA M. SAYS: I celebrated my bachelorette party. Beautiful evening. Very Dear, I recommend it. Unforgettable!!


NICOLA S. SAYS: You have to experience a unique emotion, seems to fly above the water like a dragonfly.


ANGELA C. SAYS: Fantastic experience, friendly, helpful and pleasant to Mr. Walter, superlative our captain Danilo for competence, kindness, sympathy and patience :-) simply fantastic Simply ...... THANK YOU!


FRANCESCA M. SAYS: Bachelorette Party for a friend of ours .. only one word: A FAIRY TALE !!! staff friendly and very helpful !!


DANNYELA P. SAYS: It can be a gift idea, and more! Kindness, skill and sympathy ... Served with a cool drink .. and really delicious lunch, surrounded by a stunning landscape, relaxing and even underwear! Thanks Danilo!